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Browbird MYO - Firebird by al-kem-y Browbird MYO - Firebird by al-kem-y
WHEEZES she's finally done...after so long...
This is the second of my contest MYO birds!! Firebird (as she's usually called) is a notorious bounty hunter who is a part of a company aboard the Phoenix Regalia, a multipurpose starship that doubles as a terrestrial vessel.

Here's her girlfriend, Margaerie, as well! 
Browbird MYO - Margaerie Mia di Malagedra by al-kem-y

:star: Bio :star:
Crest: Crescent/diamond (common)?
Horns: Beast (common)
Tail: Monkey (uncommon)

Lyselle Nikorian, known across the galaxy as Firebird, has devoted her life to the highest bidder, and will stop at nothing to see all of her jobs through to the finish. She does very thorough work, hunting peasants to fugitives to politicians, and everything in between. An accidental mishap and misunderstanding caused Firebird to be tasked with the elimination of a humble spice merchant, the bird Margaerie Mia di Malagedra. Confusion quickly turned into fiery, steamy romance, and while Firebird and Margaerie had to part ways due to their busy lives, they still send saucy love letters very often. Aboard the Regalia, all hunters are to give the couple a...wide clearing...and any trash talk toward Margaerie results in a swift beatdown. 

Firebird is brash, informal, feisty, and determined, but is never careless about her duties. She might seem casual, but she works with a great amount of precision. She's not one for pleasantries or formalities, and might come across as unapproachable and rude to others. For that reason she tends to be a bit of a loner, even among the other hunters. She's a big fan of everyone just "minding their own damn business".

Among the Phoenix Regalia, a loosely-built organization of bounty hunters aboard their mothership, Firebird tends to assume a leader-like role and assigns duties to newer members. There is no established captain or boss, as each of the hunters goes out on their own missions, and tends to use the mothership as a home base. She's the only browbird aboard the Regalia, with the rest of the crew coming from all across the galaxy.

:star: Item List :star:

The Spitfire: Firebird's personal vessel, a two-seater cruiser with a surprisingly roomy interior. It can be sealed with an extending magic-powered shield, which allows for travel into the deeper space of the Celestial Sea. Its rear wing is highly maneuverable and can be extended and folded freely. Firebird uses her own fire magic to power the vessel, which gives it bursts of extreme speed to run down targets. It also comes with two energy guns on each side prong.

The Chronometron: An unusual artifact that Firebird keeps with her. She reclaimed this item after hunting down a mysterious target, a treasure hunter who bailed on his client. After taking him down, Firebird recovered this device, which was damaged by the confrontation. She's not sure what it does because it seems too broken to operate, but she thinks it may be incredibly powerful, maybe able to alter the flow of time. Funny enough, when she returned to her client, she also lied about not finding the device, and never returned it to him.

Vim and Vigor: Firebird's trusty handguns, her primary weapons at long to medium ranges. Vigor's ammunition are metal bullets, which Firebird can bend with her magic to always follow the correct trajectory. Vim's ammo is condensed beads of plasma, able to melt through steel.

Bloodletter: Firebird's beloved saber, a weapon she's had since her youth. At close range, beware: she is quite skilled and ready to handle anyone who dares get within blade's reach.

The Harmonica: Firebird picked this up at a gas station when Margaerie suggested that she "pursue a more artistic passion". She's not very good at playing it, but she tries.

Pendant from Bae: The counterpart to Margaerie's lemon-slice necklace, Firebird received this spice-themed pendant as an anniversary gift. She always keeps it tucked under her vest.

Snaggle-Toothed Flower Comb: Firebird's most treasured memento from her childhood, this comb is all she has left of her caretaker. She was raised by a notorious pirate captain, a bestial creature named Galvarre. Firebird met Galvarre as a young child, stowed away on his vessel to escape her home planet. Instead of tossing her overboard, the big hunk adopted her aboard the ship and trained the eager kid how to live a life on the high seas. This comb was a birthday gift for her, just before she left the ship. Galvarre and his crew have since become lost, possibly destroyed, and she's not seen any of them since.

"Cannon Fodder" Keb: This birdlike critter is a feisty, temperamental fellow who Firebird found on her travels. He likes to perch on her shoulder, glare at people, and chew on animal bones. He's capable of a very high-pitched shriek that can disorient enemies. Only young people can hear the sound, though.

Browbirds are a closed species by AgentCorrina.
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infel-phira Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohhh ppplease can she be a sqeet gunslinger bro with tyche... 
i love her she's gorges!!!!!
Galadnilien Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
Ahhhh the second one is done! Just in time too I believe! She's so fabulous, a perfect match for Ms. Thighs aka Margaerie. Firebird brings the magnificent hair + tail combo to go with the bestest most soft thighs ever seen on a browbird ever. I just love this pair! I'm so excited for you, good luck! 
UchuNoKumoh Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Student General Artist
XD can I just kidnap you and make you draw res for all my characters lol
icedcoffeedragon Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016
I know I've said this before but your use of color is absolutely amazing! And this character omf she's just absolutely bad ass <3 please just continue creating!! Also I totally want to join this regalia crew where can I sign up???? XD
beansnake Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
kuri im gay for her
Bearful Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Professional Filmographer
I want her to be my gf too :iconimdedplz:
al-kem-y Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
>:3ccc she can be everybody's girlfriend
Bearful Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  Professional Filmographer
Thank goodness :rose:
Flibberteegibbet Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
al-kem-y Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2016  Student Digital Artist
thanks! <3
Frostpeltwolf Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Gorgeous, one of my fav of the contest for sure! You did a wonderful job with the design and with the story! 
I hope my entry can compete at all with all the amazing stuff that's being created, seriously everyone is doing so amazing it's breath taking! 
in any case i wish you the best of luck ^^!!
zipperdragon Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
this is?? awesome?? dude?? 
al-kem-y Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Aah thank you! <33
zipperdragon Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016
haha i really wanna get one?? i think there is a myo contest
but im not entering smh 
al-kem-y Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2016  Student Digital Artist
oh, i guess that's on you then! it's a good opportunity to get a free one if you really want a browbird!
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